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Most definately they will have a name. It is difficult to order and sell cd's whenever one cannot communicate which plastic disk somebody wants.


I think this band will do. Obviously there are enough people to do all of the jobs.


I think it will sound like a jazz, blues, western, and folk fused into something a little more modern, maybe a little electirc guitar.



Obviously I am American you can tell by my arrogant ways. Anyway I have no idea what Matt is going to do next. Which is why I appreciate his work. I have no familiarity with the band Limblifter or whatever that is. I Know the two demos released under jackpillowhead and I think it is an interesting direction. The same direction I wish to cite as distinctly different From MG or MGB. I cannot wait to see what is produced from this new musical creation. However I cannot even speculate where that wiley Canadian will go with this new musical incarnation.






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As far as I know it will still just be "Matthew Good". He mentioned something about having Meegee learning his catalogue. Also, these are the people who he will be recording with for his "best of.." cd.


Also don't see how this is going downhill. Ryan is great, and I'm sure it'll be an added touch to tour with someone who can do backing vocals for him. And as much as I like Rich, its not like he was some phenomenal bass player or anything.

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I wouldn't say Matt's gone downhill . . . he's never seemed to be fond of staying in one place for very long. I imagine this will be sort of a side project thing much like the last incarnation of the band. I'm also very happy to see Pat still in the mix and i'm very pumped to hear what a strong voice will sound like behind (or with) matt. I just hope the 10 day rehearsal session mentioned in his blog means pat won't be with Wil when he rolls through calgary next week.

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I think Limblifter are great. So I am really interested to see which direction they take.


Given Matt is recording a couple of new tracks for the best of I am curious to know whether;


-he is recording them with Limblifter.

-if so, will they be recorded as the 'matthew good band'.

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I'm late to comment on the "downhill" comment, but I will anyway.


I'm more excited for this band then I have been for any other versions of Matthew Good's band. Pat Steward, who was awesome with The Odds. Meegee, who, no offense to Rich, is about 10 times the bass player he'll ever be, not to mention she also plays the stand-up bass and cello, and Ryan, who might not be as good of a guitar player as Christian, but I'd imagine is a much better song writer. I'm overall very, very excited about what they'll sound like together.

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