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How Can You Love Jove Drusilla And Forsake Rome?

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A quote from Matt himself:



"Drusilla was Caligula’s sister who he married and then killed. And of course Caligula, the Roman Emperor believed he was Zeus or Jove reincarnate. And just a comment on the fact that you allowed this madman to exist when you could have gotten rid of him a million times. But you don’t. Buy why? For fear? For the fact that you’re unsure of your own actions? You can’t save something by believing that those in charge know what they’re doing but you don’t because you’re ignorant to it. As long as we believe that nothing will ever change. Until people actually stand up and go “you know what, we might not be the most educated about this and you might say this is how it’s done, but who’s to say that that’s always has to be done.” Obviously, look at the way things are “done”, look where it’s gotten us. Time to re-think that."

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or i can define "google" with my fancy firefox definitions right click feature.


the entry is as follows:


"The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48"

google \goo"gle\ n. (Computers)

To search for Web pages containing a word or phrase, using

the Google web site (www.google.com); as, I googled

"ontology" and found 351,000 references. [recent]



"The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing (27 SEP 03)"



<World-Wide Web> The World-Wide Web search engine that

indexes the greatest number of web pages - over two billion by

December 2001 and provides a free service that searches this

index in less than a second.


The site's name is apparently derived from "googol", but

note the difference in spelling.


The "Google" spelling is also used in "The Hitchhikers Guide

to the Galaxy" by Douglas Adams, in which one of Deep

Thought's designers asks, "And are you not," said Fook,

leaning anxiously foward, "a greater analyst than the

Googleplex Star Thinker in the Seventh Galaxy of Light and

Ingenuity which can calculate the trajectory of every single

dust particle throughout a five-week Dangrabad Beta sand



Home .

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Sorrry guys. I did google it. I came across some romance novel with a reference to an unrelated character named drusella. Then I searched The Bored and came up with no other answer.


There is something cool here. A community devoted to a great artist. And rewards to people to speak out. I do not know who created this but I shall say thank you. Now saturnine thinks that that answer to who created the Bored is probibly referenced google. This time I will be lazy and not google "who created the bored." because some dumbass thinks my curiousity is not as good as anybody else's. (BTW I did not know there was a limit to the number of threads created borntohula)


Hey everybody look at the guy who does not know his Roman history! Fransisco should know that Caligula thought he was Jove. How dumb is he for having a masters in statistics, and not a degree in western history. WTF.


All I have to say is thank you Seanathon for having an answer 7 minutes after I aksed the Stupid question. Probibly the only guy who does not know what a bandwagon is, everybody call him/her stupid too (he/she builds a community a lot better than everyone else does).


Sorry to dissapoint everybody. Maybe I should have asked a question like, "What do you think Matthew's Favourite colour is?" -- I think it may be green, because he is fresh like brocoli." My question is answered and I guess I'll be taking my banning tomorrow." ..... Thank-you Goodnight!



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