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do you think the new record will be as good as the last?  

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  1. 1. do you think the new record will be as good as the last?

    • yes
    • no
    • id rather listen to simply red

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well i don't think it's impossible. i mean, cornell is in audioslave, so they're what's holding him back (and maybe the fact that his voice has totally been effed up by god knows what). despite being in "retirement" thayil has played on the desert sessions albums, the probot album and was in some one-time no world trade organization band with krist novoselic and jello biafra. matt cameron is in pearl jam but im sure PJ would let soundgarden borrow him back. or maybe they could go on tour together. that'd be nice. the only person i'm worried about is that crazyass ben shepherd mofo. whats he been up to???!! i don't even have a clue. looks like he's the only one sticking to his guns about this retirement deal. he's going to be the toughest nut to crack.

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soundgarden is one of the best bands ever, seriously.. if they DID get back together and at least tour it would be awesome since i never got to see them the first time but i don't see it happening.. unless it's 20 years from now and they play at state fairs or something lame like that


god i hate audioslave

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i never liked rage, but it was because of zach's voice.. and when i was 14 i wanted to marry chris cornell, so i'll pretty much listen to anything the man does.. so it's quite a disappointment to me that audioslave is so lame. i think he has probably the best voice of any singer out there so i wish he would stop with the sucking and write more love songs for me



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audioslave are better than that other "supergroup" velvet revolver though... so they're ok in my books.

that's debatable

of course it's debateable... but at least audioslave have some credibility under their belt...


here's how i see it:


scott weiland - hails from a great grunge knockoff band. i don't mind his voice when he sings quiet-like. but then again, he's also tight with fred durst.

slash, duff and matt - "spaghetti incident" era of guns n roses. fucking wonderful.

other dude - was in dave navarro's backing band. 'nuff said.


oh and they can't write for poop.


i would listen to audioslave over velvet revolver any day. audioslave are at least trying NOT to be the bands that they were previously. trying something new is never a problem in my book.

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