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I hate to see them constantly labelled as "emo" and compared to Dashboard and Brand New... Apparently everybody's got something against them.

I recently checked out a few of their songs despite the incredible opposition, and I discovered that they're pretty good. I'm not usually one for "the scene," and I don't follow a typical indie lifestyle (whose mantra seems to be along the lines of the more esoteric and obscure your references of fashion and music lie, the proportionally cooler you become). I like my fair share of mainstream tastes (as much as I hate to admit it), but for some reason, Bright Eyes just sounds like a great group producing really excellent music.


Comments, questions, flamings?

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bright eyes are alright....


but ever since conor oberst was like 13 (or whatever age he was when he first broke through) he's been labelled by critics as 'the next bob dylan'. ever since then though, he's never been able to have the quality of his material on the same level as the hype that surrounds him. so my thoughts are "he's good, but not as good as the hype might suggest".


don't get me wrong, bright eyes have some really good songs out there, but i don't personally understand why everyone loves conor oberst as opposed to the next guy with an acoustic guitar and decent songwriting skills.

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Bright Eyes have had amazing albums (LIFTED, Fevers) and (t)he(y) and earned the attention, but unfortunately, on the eve of exploding into the mainstream, Bright Eyes releases not one, but TWO shitty albums.


The first time they drop the ball is the first time the crowd is watching.

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