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Anybody else a fan of Live? Throwing Copper, particularly, is quite awesome...


Everyone has to hear White Discussion. I don't like the way it starts off, but from 1:00 - 5:00... it is a very powerful song.

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Their music has been pretty good since, but it just hasn't had quite the impact on me. They've changed a bit with each record, and I keep buying them, but nothing's really quite as good as Throwing Copper. That was one of my favorite albums in Grade 10.


I guess "V" was a pretty good album too.

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wasn't/aren't a massive fan of "V", but it's still damned good. It's still Live, it just wasn't as good, but i like that they tried stuff and came back with Birds Of Prey which more than made up for it.


Live have always had a knack for writing great stuff, Mental Jewelry is a great great album too, and The Distance To Here is still one of my favourite albums.


Just love live, great stuff...


as for the original point, Throwing Copper, i am a massive massive fan of Pillar Of Davidson.

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Throwing Copper was my introduction to rock music. It blew the budding pubic hairs off my sack.

Wazz, I feel the Pillar of Davidson as well. I wondered wtf the title meant for years, until I saw the band in early 2000 on the Distance to Here tour. Ed explained that it's a derivative combination of Caterpillar and Harley Davidson, the two major industries that employ blue collar workers in their hometown of York, Pennsylvania.


Ha, whaddaya know... the band is releasing a best of. I guess it really is over. Good thing if you ask me, the last two albums were weak.

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