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Morrissey is playing - after 19 years without having played in Spain - this Thursday in Spain... and I already have the ticket to see him!!! ;)


I'm so excited about it... I have to travel all the way to the south of Spain for that Festival where he's playing, but I don't care, it's worth traveling...


I've always loved The Smiths and, of course, i have never seen them live - nor Morrissey - and it's my first time seeing him live


I'll tell you how it goes :angry:

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Have u ever heard of "The Smiths"? it was a typical British indie band from the 80s (it's not my period of time but i love the techno and indie music from those years:) ) together with The Cure, Depeche Mode...


Morrissey was the vocal singer of that band and after some years playing, the band broke up and Morrissey started his solo career. He's already published many solo CDs but he's never come to Spain... the last time he came to Spain was 19 years ago and I was too lil to go to a concert ;)


His last album - if you can download it somewhere, do it Danimal, its pretty good - is called "You are the quarry"... he's got a very sweet voice and his lyrics are simply great... he also sounds very very British :angry:

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no problem man ;) of course, if you listen to Morrissey and you like his music, you should also listen to The Smiths (even better than Morrissey as solo)... they have two compilation CDs that you may want to get: "Vol. 1-Best of the Smiths" and "Vol. 2-Best of the Smiths"


hope you like them

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