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Future Risk, And The World

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Anyone ever played Future Risk? To anyone who's never heard of it, it is the board game Risk (I know, I don't like it so much either) except it takes place in 2210. The map is modified for the "future" (continents shift slightly (way more than they should!) and nations change.


Well, according to Future Risk, here's what happens in the next 205 years:


Quebec takes over most of Ontario and becomes "Republique du Quebec" ( hahahahAHHAHAHAHAhahaHAHAHAHA)

Ontario shifts over and splits from Canada. Canada is consisted of Saskatchewan, Alberta and BC, that's it ;)

Western United States becomes a "Biosphere Reserve". New England and the mid-west remain the "United States", while Greenland becomes home to the "Exiled states of America"


California dissapears into the sea.

Tokyo expands... into the ocean.

Russia becomes the "Enclave of the Bear"

Man colonizes the moon, hehe

Afghanistan takes over a lot of stuff.

Asia is a complete mess.

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HAHAHAHA. Risk is especially fun when you make alliances. If you've ever played the computer game Rise of Nations..they have a game mode called Conquer the World...is like an extremely detailed version of Risk. At the moment I'm the Mayans and I've conquered all of North and South America....all of Africa, and I'm now moving into the Middle East.


This Future Risk game sounds awsome..and everything included in it seems plausible..except for the fact that land-masses won't move, be created, or be destroyed so easily.

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