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Private Matt Good show on Canada Day

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Yeah bootlegs kind of suck. Now hearing things live is awesome.


How'd you get the tickets!??! I couldn't get through... ever.


so I heard he played the entire gig with his fly down..


fyi: I also heard it was at Richard's on Richards.

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Show was awesome, and lol yeah he did play with his fly down, he mentioned it broke 10 mins before the show started. It was at Richards on richards, and it was an incredible show as usual. I love the small venues he plays in. I guess you just gotta be lucky, or have a REALLY fast redial...lol

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awesome pictures!

lol i cant believe he had his fly down... but there is the proof.

He looked tired by the end eh?

What songs did he play? Did his chipped teeth affect anything? or did he get the chipped teeth fixed allready?


(sorry for all the questions)

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