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The Hip Rock It Out At The Junos

Was Gord Downie inebriated?  

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  1. 1. Was Gord Downie inebriated?

    • No, he's just like that
    • On adrenaline/Rockout sydrome
    • Maybe a bit
    • Fully, Completely

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Anyone see The Tragically Hip rock it out just now at the Junos?


Fully Completely, then Grace, Too


It was great, back to the old days!

Does anyone else think Gord was Fully, Completely, innebriated ;)





dropping the microphone stand, succeeding in pulling a cool move the 1st time, but the 2nd time, fumbling with it on the ground, picking it up and then yelling at it


talking to Paul Langlois throughout the song


paranoid staring at the crowd, laughing, and generally spazzing out


What do you think, and what did you think of the mini-concert?

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The Hip are awesome. They went to Queens and my family friend used to beat them up all the time because he thought they were queers. Now he has all their albums and feels like a fool, i guess sometimes what you get comes back to you. Anyway they were cool today, I was watching them tonight with my gf, she sorta had to for her class Entertainment Admin, and they really werent that good, even Billy Talent had some major technical difficulties, did anyone else notice how off things were tonight on that show? anyway it was lame, cept for the Hip and Billy Talent, and of course BTO at the end.

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oh man, definatly just saw that I thought, OMG I wonder who else saw that.


Gord did look look a little out of it, I liked how he started singing "aside" by the weakerthans "and I'm leaning on this broken fence between past and present tense" The hip and the weakerthans being 2 of my faverout bands (other than mgb) I was in a state of awe.


I also thought Katie Langs version of lenord cohans "hallehjuah" (spelling?) was pretty decent to.



Uh oh, looks like billy talent is taking the stage...


EDIT: typos, its late

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argh.......The Hip. Maybe it's just me, and it most likely is....but I JUST DON'T GET THEM! And by the way, I definitely watched the junos...hey I might be there one day, so I watch them as research.......and what the fuck was up with Gord? I for sure think he was on something. But what....not sure.

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hehehehe yah


by playing Grace Too and Fully Completely, they really got to the hardcore fans, but I'm sure most people who are just slightly familiar with their music are thinking "what is this!? this is popular?"


not knowing that the songs are from 10 years ago.


They could have played fully completely, then played something new like You're Everywhere , or, Mean Streak or GIFTSHOP woul've been perfect

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