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Most Annoying Person On Tv...

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I dunno their are a lot of annoying people on tv man lol! Granted Ty is annoying, but so is everyone else on those homemaker things haha I agree Ty is annoying but what about people like Mulroney's son, i dunno wtf his damn name is, but you know who im talking about, the guy on E-Talk Daily or w/e.. Id also say O'Reily as well, but thats only if you get those Fox channels, that dude is a jerk. Man i could keep going but this is already a little too long winded for my likeing.

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Ben Mulroney isn't the most annoying person on T.V. (god, it pains me to type that.) Although he is the greasiest person on television these days. I'd have to say Karina Hubert is the most annoying person on T.V. Don't know who she is? Lucky You! She hosts, not even Much Music, but Much More Music! Doing things like interviewing Duran Duran and Jesses McCartney or whomever.

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