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Favorite Place/time To Listen To Music

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usually when i enjoy music the most is when im walking somewhere. i usually have these deep thoughts when i walk places, and the lyrics in a song are sometimes the thing that sparks my thinking.


i also like to listen on long busrides. when you've got nothing else to pay attention to, you notice a lot more in the music than you normally do just listenning from your computer or stereo. of course, thats what i've found anyway.

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I agree with borntohula, often times the most deep contemplation occurs to me while listening to music on a walk or a bus ride, and it's often the music I'm listening to that sets the tone for my thoughts. I would also add:

-long car rides with friends, because then you get those memorable sing-alongs

-live, because, well... ya.

-curled up with the ole significant other, because it's just so damn peaceful.

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Whenever I am in my room I listen to music unless I'm in bed sleeping. Usually I listen to my mp3 player whenever I leave the house but I left that my non-school home and have been without it for a few weeks.

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