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What would the layout of the DVD be?

Would you want commentary by Matt? or what?

Videos of concerts?

I would like to see a DVD with all of his music videos on it. Maybe with optional video commentary?

And then maybe a Matt Good Biography ;) that would totally be cool

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I'd like a concert - of course, that's a must... to see Matt moving ;) - and some sorta backstage images (how they get ready before a concert, what they talk about...) and a second part with either his videos or a documentary about his biography

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yeah, i guess so... just that he answered the other mails that i sent him some months ago so fast - like 2 days later - that since this one was a bit more special than talking about me, i was expecting he would answer faster... but it's true, u r right guys, he just finished his tour, he must be tired, busy, with his teeth chipped and i'm sure he needs a break


(sorry for this OFFTOPIC ;) )

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A live concert featuring the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, another live performance done all acoustic


I would love this!


Honestly i would buy any MG DVD even if i had already seen most of the clips and videos.


I'm a little dissappointed the the making of WLRRR DVD is probably NOT going to be released. ;)

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i dont have the original Avalanche CD ;) ... remember I'm from Spain and i couldnt get the original CD here, i had to download it from the Internet... that's why i didnt know what that HoSM means, i guess...

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ne ways... shit (sorry), i hate not being able to get original stuff from Matt in Spain ;) I haven't even gotten my original WLRRR copy yet (there seem to be too many "problems" to send it all the way to Spain... unbelievable...)


thanx for your help, Crusader, though

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