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What do you think of Homosexuality?  

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  1. 1. What do you think of Homosexuality?

    • As long as someone of the same sex doesn't try to get into my pants, I'm okay with it. of it.I
    • Homosexuality is wrong.
    • I am gay and ashamed.
    • I am bisexual and ashamed
    • I am gay and proud of it
    • am bisexual and proud of it.
    • I don't like gay men
    • I don't like lesbians

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I'm Bisexual. I have come in contact with many people who disapprove of this and think I am a pedophile. There’s something about people thinking if you like the same sex you are going to try to get into someone’s pants even if you know they are straight.

I’m not really afraid of what people have to say about sexuality or if they have a problem with it. I would just appreciate if they got to know me first before they judged me personally. Same goes for the people who I know are bi or gay.

Since this is a hot subject now, I’d like to know everyone’s thoughts on it.

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The thing bothers me about homosexuality is that many of them expect everyone else to care. They have their little motto "we're here, we're queer, get used to it!" I think it's about time they themselves got used to it. Had this friend who came out recently, and she was all "Aren't you shocked?!" and I said "No, not really." and that somehow made me an asshole, oook. Then there's those parades, sure the homosexuals want equal rights and treatment, to be treated as if they were just like anybody else, and I'm all for equality. But if ya parade around in latex thongs with peacock feathers and dildos glued to your head, that's not exactly being like everyone else; that just can't be taken seriously.

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I've been hit on by two gay guys in my lifetime. the only thing that pissed me off was that the fuckers didn't buy me a drink. that being said, I personally could care less what a person's sexual preferance is.

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I think that there should be another option for "Apathy." I don't give a shit if someone's gay, and I don't give a shit if a gay person hits on me. I hold the same rule for gay men as I do women. If you're over 30 and you're hitting on me there's something fucking wrong with you. I don't care if you're sexual organs are on the inside of if they are on the inside. Just leave me the fuck out of it.


I don't want to see the "Gay Pride Parade", just like I don't want to see the "Hetero Pride Parade" nor the "Bi-Sexual Pride Parade."


If people want acceptance, I think that they should just stop rubbing the fact that they're gay/bi/omni/whatever. I don't care. I wish that the right wing would give homosexuals the right to be themselves, because I feel that oppressing homosexuallity goes against morality in general

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meh I dont care who you are and what you do to whom, just dont involve me... that is unless you're a hot lesbian ;)

Well, if they're a lesbian, they won't involve you. That's the point of being a lesbian.

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yeah, people are people to me.


i'll admit, when i was younger, i had been kind of disturbed because of the cliche of gay people hitting on straight people.


which, for the record, i'm going to call my religion (or lack thereof, depending on how you look at it), stupid.


people are people. love thy neighbour.


something called humanity means more to me than someone's sexual preference. i find that people who aren't straight often respect your preference with a great deal of dignity. perhaps this comes from their having to deal with people ragging on their preferences.


i find the extremism of a movement sometimes invokes change, but usually over-the-top antics (like dan said, the gay pride parade and what not) don't really help the cause. if you're trying to integrate yourself into society, don't try to single yourselves out for targeting again...


and the marriage thing? i don't know where i stand on that one. on one hand, the church calls marriage, 'by definition,' man and woman united under God. ironically, i don't see them railing at the common-law relationships as much any more... so it comes full circle. society progresses, and we accept what has become the norm.


hypocrisy sure is fun, isn't it?


and, for the record, i have heard arguments about why homosexuals and marriage isn't a viable option. and the tax benefit argument, and infidelity arguments, and blahblahblah. way i see it, we all have to live together... why don't we just respect each other's differences?

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