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Prozac Nation

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So I heard of this long lost Christina Ricci movie called "Prozac Nation" and I was quite intrigued about the fact that it wasn't formally released in North America. I roamed and pillaged the internet to download this flick and finnally found it at torrentspy.com. Here's the synopsis of the film:


Elizabeth, a prize-winning student, is headed for a prestigious college. As she's packing to leave, her mother harangues her about her choice of school, establishing the modus operandi for what will prove to be the turbulent core of their relationship: an ongoing game of emotional extortion. When Elizabeth arrives at university, she quickly befriends her roommate Ruby and almost immediately recreates the same powder keg she has just left behind. The situation is exacerbated by her visits to a rather suspicious psychiatrist. Matters deteriorate further when Elizabeth runs into her father and when she decides that her most recent boyfriend Rafe represents deliverance. Her only choice, ultimately, is Prozac--the wonder drug of the nineties. However, before long, Elizabeth is wondering whether the drug is really helping her--or running her life.


Stars: Christina Ricci, Jessica Lange, Nicholas Campbell, , Jason Biggs, Anne Heche, Michelle Williams

Director: Erik Skjoldbjærg (Insomnia)


I really enjoyed the movie and have since decided to read the book, wen't to chapters today and picked it up. I'm not the type to read but this book is different.


Has anyone seen or read Prozac Nation, or have read other books from author Elizabeth Wurtzel?


I read somewhere that Miramax will be releasing Prozac Nation on DVD on July 5, 2005. The film was first made in 2001.


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Yeah, i just heard the full frontal part. Even without Ricci's nudity *drool* it still looks good. I'll have to remember to rent it.


Also, when i first read the subject line i got really worried. I had flashbacks of those two british cartoon pop singers, and then started getting worried that they had somehow achieved national domination in England.

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