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New Garbage

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yeah like everyone else, i've never been a huge fan.


i've never heard a full album though, so they might be amazing. i just never had the patience for them and never explored much in their direction.


shirley manson is pretty hot though. if that means anything.

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I've heard their past singles, and they're okay I guess, but when I first heard this song I hated that shit. But then it got stuck in my head last week and I liked it, but I was high so I'm going to go with: ...it sucks.

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Anyone who actually likes Garbage? ;)

I DO like them... and actually, yes, I have heard their last album ("bleed like me") and I like it a lot... it sounds as their beginnings, specially a song called "run boy run" which is simply great


... and their name doesnt have to do with the music they do :angry: they are pretty good musicians - for my taste - and they sound great live, hope they come to Spain in their tour (they've always done it)

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As it stands right now, they're a band that i like enough that i would buy their greatest hits...


And the band being garbage was funny in 1995...



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I also got very disappointed with "Beautiful garbage"... i had the impression that they got that record "to sell more CDs", it was not what Garbage used to be... and I suppose they have noticed that and they have "come back to their origins" with this new "Bleed like me" album... as i said before, it sounds much more to their beginnings than to that Beautiful Garbage one

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