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New Mg Songs

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You can get them in the NF store... So far I downloaded two of them, and You can hardly make out the music or anything except for the screaming crowd. I just downloaded them out of curiosity though.

I wish I could have been there to witness the shit-show myself.

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Guest Prosis
If it is in fact a greatest hits, he'll most likely re-record all of them with ryan (and the rest). This will give his old stuff a new feel.

I highly doubt that Matt will re-record all the old material with the new band for the greatest hits...although that would be interesting I doubt he will do that

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I hope he does. The new Under The Influence, HTB, LMU, Suburbia and a bunch of other kick ass.


and when i saw him play Blue Skies, it was so much better, and a few minutes longer too.



Also, I have no concept of what the new songs are like. The clips in the store are, without a doubt, the worst bootlegs i have ever heard. I think i made out Buffalo Seven at some point, but i'm not sure...


AND, they're misnumbered, fyi.

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I'd like Matt to do covers of his own music with his band, in the way he mixes it up live. He once played symbolistic white walls and added villain of the year to the end of it live at the commodore once. I really enjoyed it. He's also done some great live remixes of Load me up too.

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