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As far as I can remember these are all the songs he played, I can't remember the exact order, but this is close.



Put Out Your Lights

Poor Mans Grey

Load Me Up


In A World Called Catastrophy

The Future Is X-Rated

Everything Is Automatic

Alert Status Red

Buffalo Seven



Oh Be Joyful

New song possibly called "Details"


If i missed any someone correct me.

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Yea I would have love to see Matt open back in 2000 in Toronto when he got the Argonauts chearleaders to start the chant on stage for him. It's definately a great song to open live with, and really gets the crowd pumped.


Man of Action is great that way too, it just builds and builds until suddenly the song explodes. I think Matt opened with it once when I saw him, it was great. The lights were out on the stage, and you could only see their silhouettes and hear Dave Genn playing the intro bit for roughly 3 minutes, and the crowd was getting pretty anticipated, then suddenly the lights kicked in at the exast same time Matts guitar started with the chords and drums kicked in, one of the best openings I'd ever seen.

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