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The Jimmy Chamberlin Complex

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It's Jimmy Chamberlin's (ex-Smashing Pumpkins drummer) "solo" project. They're actualyl quite good.


I went to the show tonight at Richard's in Vancouver and they played a pretty impressive set. My friend got one of Jimmy's drumsticks and we got to meet him after the show.


We mostly went because we're huge Pumpkins fans but they played a really great show. Has anyone else heard his stuff? Whadaya think?

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I was quite excited when i found out that Rob Dickenson, formerly of the brilliant Catherine Wheel, had sung on one of the tracks. but i was kind of disappointed when i heard it... and the rest of the album sounded a bit lacklustre. but i have not taken time to give it a serious listen yet. Good to hear they but on a great live show, though.

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The album's not exactly an easy listen at first but I think it's pretty great.


They played a newer song that they're planning for the next album (already) and it was really good. If it's more of the direction they're going to take then it should be an even better album.


And yes, I miss the Pumpkins too ;)

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