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I've been trying to find a decent site with up-to-date news on Matt Good. I was out of luck until I found this place, but that leaves me on alot of backnews to catch up on. The main thing bothering me has been about his band.


So matt good solo originally comprised of:



Rick Priske

Pat Steward


Now its:


Ryan Dahle


Pat Steward


Matt used to be an avid fan of Copyright I thought, and he recruited Christian as soon as Copyright broke up, as well Matt is good friends with Rich. How did these 2 end up leaving and getting replaced with Limblifter essentially? And are these new 2 members going to stay for awhile?


I'm a fan of Ryan Dahle and love the addition, I was pretty excited when I heard that he and Matt were working on that JPH stuff, and on that note, did the site project of Jackpillowhead lead to Matt bringing Ryan into his band now?

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From the MBlog:



Ups And Downs

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the new line-up, so I thought I would clarify a few mysteries. It is true that I have replaced long time bassist Rich Priske and guitarist Christian ThorValdson with Ryan Dahle and Meegan Bradfield (both of Limblifter). My reasons for doing so are rather simple. Given that the majority of every show is back catalogue material, I felt that the old line-up had run its creative course. I wanted to bring a fresh approach to the old material while gaining new musical perspectives on new material. It’s that simple, and is one of the luxuries of being a solo artist

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An old email from Matt.


I just want to

try something new is all. Being a solo artist I have that option. After

touring for three years with the same band I want to make sure the

material doesn't get stale. Hopefully this new situation will help in

that and also provide some new musical inspiration for me as well.


I'm not sure if they're permanent or not but they do have other commitments (Limblifter).

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thanks guys. I can't wait to actually hear some of the new stuff from the new set. Oh be Joyful and Details seemed pretty good, even with the mess at ACF from that.


Was Big City Life written with Ryan or Christian on guitars, and which guitarist is it in the recording available in the NF store.

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First line up I believe. The new line only has had that one show. You know, the one where Ryan almost got hit with a wrench?

Hold up, a goddamn WRENCH?

Yea a nice wrench got thrown at him at ACF. I never knew that was their first live show together, I had figured thered at least been a few others for people to start asking about his new lineup. I thought they played pretty decent together, even with all the problems surrounding ACF. The Alma Mater Society at UBC is dealing with as many of the problems they can from that event.

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