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Request: All Together

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There's other b-sides in the Store that don't belong to us dumbass! The reason I asked the question is because I wanted to know why Matt would allow the board to host those songs, but not All Together.

Don't be so rude.



'because you don't belong to you or us dumbass!'

And, it's 'THEY don't', not 'YOU'; that doesn't make sense.

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I believe it's because All Together and Pony Boy are technically owned by Universal, while most the other songs were recorded live, or released by Matt through his site.


Then again I'm not sure about Dusk, since that was available for purchase through Itunes or whatever its called.

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Thats probably a pretty good reason. I think "All Together" and "Ponyboy" are the only 2 bsides from the AoB sessions. Comfortable Criminals was the only one from Avalanche, unless there's a copy of Villain of the Year floating around out there. All I can remember is that the drum track from "a long way down" was originally the drum track to "villain of the year" I believe. So if there are any other bsides out there, I'd be more than happy to trade any pre-MGB stuff I have for them.

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Matt actually took the lyrics to Villain of the Year and added them onto the live performance of Symbolystic White Walls a few times ago I believe.


Not 100% that it was Villain of the Year, just rumours on Massacre in Disguise I think. But it was a great live track if anyone has this, I'd love to hear it again.

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