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Let me just say that I'm new to the bored, so maybe someone's already said this.


But why has Matt never done a live album. The music just takes on a whole new dimension live, especially the slower more mellow version of 'Hello Timebomb' that he's been doing lately. Hopefully he puts one out after this next album.

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What ever happened to the talk of a live album? I recall a buzz after Avalanche came out, but nothing more. I'd kill for a live cut of that slick new version of "Load Me Up" with the finger picked main riff replacing the piercing riff in the original.


They cost money to make.

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I don't think he'd bring in any old b-sides if thats what you mean. If he didn't like them enough to put them on the album at the time, I don't think he'd like to put them on the live either, but thats just my opinion.

It's not always a matter of not liking a song as to why it doesn't get released. A lot of times, it just doesn't fit the flow of the album. A lot of times, the producer or others has an influence into what actually makes it on the album. I believe Matt has said that he thought Pony Boy should have made Audio Of Being.

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Im not sure about Pony Boy but Matt did say that he chose not to include All Together on the album, and that he felt I the throw away captured what he was looking for much better. As for today, I dont think Matt answers to much of anyone, and if he was told how to do something, he'd more than likely scrap the project if he couldnt do it his way.


I'd like to see a "matt's favourites" collections, a mix of all Matt favourite songs or ones he is most proud or writing over the years.

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