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Matt Good Comments On Arts County

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I just wanted to post what Matt Good said about Arts County Fair. I thought everyone might want to read what he said. This is from his MBlog:


Matt Good Comments on Arts County


It sure wasn't Colonel Mustard in the reading room with the candle stick - but close.


Wondering what was thrown at various members of the band during this evening’s performance at the University Of British Columbia’s Arts County Drunk-a-thon? Well, Ryan was almost hit with a good old-fashioned wrench. That’s right – an actual wrench. There were other interesting items as well, such as broken umbrella handles, twenty or thirty shoes, a cell phone, a watch, little ball bearings, you name it.


My favorite part of the evening was when something would land on my pedal board and switch something on, such as a delay. That's always fun.


What happened to live music kids?


You did.


He seems a little bitter.





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;) Vulgar display of power as they say. Would nearfantastica dare to corrupt it's name with the banning of biggie because he says some off the collar remark which may or may not be true?. Isn't freedom of speech what this forum is all about? yet you so frequently and casually take away the rights of others, ban me, censor me, your only promoting the cause, you are the true culprit. Those who read this, matt good is one of the finest artists of our time along with the mars volta. Long live matt good and free speech. Apparently this board doesn't promote either, so ban me and censor, from biggie (crusader can fuck a donkey). And so must end the end of all, for hypocracy has invaded your site and you will never survive. Long live the effects of alcohol and drugs and fuck you all. In the words of matthew good, fuck em if they can't take a joke, and apparently you can't.


Dedicated MGB fan, ofnoresponse.

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There is a difference between censoring, and preventing freedom of speech. At no time has a post ever been removed, nor a member banned for there opinion. Vulgarity, and the uses of language beyond that which is clearly stated in the rules, will be censored. We don't prevent freedom of speech. To the contrary, the moderators act as a filter. We remove that which is not necessary. That which is plainly offensive and rude. That which has no value beyond that to annoy and enrage. We do not censor ideas, thoughts expressions. We do not cookie cutter mold people to have certain ideas and view points. I know all of the moderators, I talk to them all on a regular basis. They are all enlightened, intelligent people. There purpose here is not to destroy free thought, but to promote it. Only by removing the smut can that be accomplished.


If you believe that posting of off colour comments and other such annoyance is your "right to free speech" then you are obviously mistaken as to its definition. Many people have died for free speech, and I do not believe they fought so ferociously so that people could post verbal slop to message boards. Freedom of speech is about being able to speak your passion, the confluence of ideas. The very nature that all people are entitled to an opinion. People who would corrupt this, and claim free speech to be the free flow of whatever gibberish comes out of their mouths are destroying the cause.


This exchange is an expression of free speech. The fact it is not censored, the fact that no warnings, nor bannings have ensued. You are allowed to speak your opinion despite the fact I (the power) could silence you.



To clarify a few things: Biggie was banned since he was warned to 100%, and continued to break the rules.

Biggie 2.0 was banned since the rules clearly state that attempting to subvert a ban will result in immediate banning.


This is way ;), so there will be no more discussion of moderator policies here. Feel free to start a new thread, if you would like to offer constructive debate.



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