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I need a few more buck to get 'can't get shot in the back'

You're not supposed to make useless posts just for the sake of scoring NF$. I'd suggest actually joining in the conversation or you might have some angry Mods on your hands.


As far as Ashley Simpson: WFT?


Maverick, I always thought you were a bit of a boob but I had no idea.

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i fucking hate those Bowling For Soup bastards.


And i hate George Bush too.


But i love Dennis Rodman.


Who do you love?

GUYS!! I did my best to derail this motherfucker into lockdown, but i can't do it by myself!!!!!



My appliances are possesed by the devil.


So I took the 14th off to do my taxes. You may be saying to yourself, "Why on earth would Derek wait till the last minute to do something as important as his taxes?" Well, gentle reader, if you said that then you don't know me at all. After the usual avoidance maneuvers such as reading my e-mail, fixing a snack, starting a load of laundry, sending thank you notes for x-mas gifts, and reorganizing my closets I sat down to the tax program. Oops, forgot about filling out my eye glass insurance forms. Okay, now back to the tax program. After a few more false starts, had to check the e-mail again, I actually finished my taxes early this year. Footnote: Anything sooner than 11:30 p.m. on April 15th is considered early in this household. To reward myself for finally doing something ahead of schedule I decided to sit down to NetFlix latest drop-off, The Village. So I'm sitting there with all the lights off and the ceilling fan going so I don't have to turn on the air-conditioner when half way through the movie the speed cranks itself up and the light turns on and off a couple of times. At this point I figure the only thing left is for blood to start pouring down the walls and a disembodied voice to echo for me to 'get out'. The rational mind would realise that theres something amiss with the remote control circuitry within the fan. I'm not that rational mind. I'm the one who, after experiencing the early morning after shock from a far distant earthquake was certain that my bed was possesed by beelzubub. I spent the rest of the morning sleeping on the couch and wondering if a catholic priest would exorcise a lutheran bed. So now I'm torn between calling the manufacturer for the ceiling fan or calling someone who knows how to perform the bell, book and candle ritual. btw, I had The Village figured out by the time they showed the dates on the headstone.

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