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The Real Lyrics To "avalanche"

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Hey, I hope someone hasn't already adressed this and I'm just a repeat, but does anyone know what he says in the pre-breakdown section (2:40) of Avalanche ('If it's impossible to drift...of all these..I'll talk about you')


I'm just curious if anyone has a sure complete lyrical part for that section and/or what the quotes in the background are from, if anything.


Ok, that's it I hope somebody can help me out and if you can, then you're awesome.

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I never knew what they were saying, oddly enough. But I knew it was from that movie.


I always thought he was saying "can't talk about you" in the last line.


What about what's being said in the background, then?


EDIT: woah, I just realized it's a soccer reference.


EDIT EDIT: where does it say what those words are?

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i wish i had something better to do with my time then sit here and listen from 2:40 to 2:57 of avalanche over and over again and ponder to myself of what the hell he says...


anywaze.. i always though it was


is it possible to drift... knock the ball loose..<<<something>>> talk about you


EDIT- yeah me might be trying hard with and english accent if the words have something to do with soccer

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