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All The Good Movies

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As a generalization, yeah I thought it did.


Garden State was one of my favorites, but there was little else released that really got me excited. I was more disappointed then anything with much that the studios had to offer. So far, 2005 hasn't been that great, either. I dunno, maybe the summer will save the year.



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yeah, 2004 wasn't that great of a year


i'm a big fan of Garden State. the lower budget films are always the best.

Eternal Sunshine was also a good movie.

i liked Closer as well (it was released in dec 2004 i think)

and the Incredibles was an excellent film

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Don't forget Napoleon Dynamite!


And yeah, movies have been going downhill for a long time. I've been renting a lot from last year and there's just too much crap.


The only thing I look forward too are these little indie or foriegn movies that pop up.

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His movies are formulaic. The bulk of the story is usually pretty good, then it gets all lame at the end cause you know there is some little twist that makes everything......weird. ie. Signs - alien at the end (still was more scary when you couldn't see them), Village - OMG It's happening in today's world, not 100 years ago!!! etc.


I seriously thought Napoleon Dynamite was over rated. Maybe I just didn't get the point. I mean, don't get me wrong, it had it's moments where I actually thought it was really funny, but for the most part, I sat there wondering what the point of the whole thing was. The dance at the end rocked though.



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Some (perhaps even most) of the worst and most anger-inducing movies I've ever seen were from 2004, to name a few:

Napoleon Dynamite

The Day After Tomorrow


and more...

Napoleon Dynamite looked to stupid to bother watching, and as far as the Day After Tomorrow wasnt THAT bad, just really really really unrealistic.

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