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i will start this off by saying that i was not ever a blink fan, but i like to keep track of whats going on in the industry, and i am now confused by this all.


Blink is on "hiatus" as we all know. however travis recently told a newpsper in sandiego that BLink is done as far as he is conserned.


now he stated that he has started a new band will mark hoppus (he played bass) called plus 44.


travis was also part of the Boxcar Racer project with tom delonge.


tom and mark were best friends who formed blink back in the day.


so now it seems that the "creative differences" rift in the band was between mark and tom. although it seems that travis is the one who walkd out on both of them.


anyone with info care to share?? i am confused as hell over here.

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