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golf isn't a sport

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Golf is the greatest, and hardest sport to play.

Cross Country Steplechase is the hardest sport I've ever played. I think some one was paralised in my division.

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Lauren, it's one thing to start a new thread on a subject when the same subject is covered in a recent thread. It's an entirely different thing to revive a thread that's two fucking years old due to the subject matter.


We call that "douche bag-ness."

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I herby condone the revival of this thread... Since I'm the guy that gets mad when people start new threads on existing subjects. Though I will admit that reviving a thread by adding a glib comment to it is annoying at best. My general opinion is the following: "If it doesn't add anything, then post it". That goes for making new threads and reviving old ones.


Back to topic. Any physical activity can be a sport depending on whether or not there are people involved who strive to active excellence through greater physical skills. Golf is one such example. There are people in golf who work exceptionally hard to maintain there physical condition, as well as their skills. The same can be said of any traditional sport such as hockey or football.

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