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Matt Good Hates Rico, Do You

rico, good or bad?  

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  1. 1. rico, good or bad?

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oo, i'm glad I can comment on this cause I love and hate this song

I think the first 50 seconds of Rico and every subsequent verse is just really not my style. It's dry and I think somewhat cheesy and the lyrics are too much like a film noir.

however, the choruses in the song and the lines right before each chorus are some of my favorite things ever. (especially the drum parts in 'anything you want me to')

and the song even has a sighting of the word "loaded' which of course is a total MG word.

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most bad matt good songs still have wicked choruses (my life as a circus clown)

I remember seeing an interview with Loser Anthems came out about this song. Matt said he wrote the chorus and loved it, but couldn't find a single verse that could match up with it, so scrapped it only to pick it up again while recording Beautiful Midnight. He still couldn't get a decent guitar riff for a verse so he let Dave have a go at it. Matt said repeatedly in the interview that he didnt like the verse Dave wrote either, which probably caused some tension. Circus Clown as well as Flashdance were both recorded during the BM sessions Im pretty sure and the rest of Loser Anthems (which doesnt have the rest of the band) Matt recorded alone much later.

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well it's the best rockin' song to release as the 4th single..

deep 6 is the worst song off the album.. so i wouldnt want that over rico.. :@.. AAAND prime time deliverance although brilliant and often requested to be a single.. wouldnt work because of its non top-40 format lol

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