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Matt's wife

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Hi everyone. I'm new here.


Yes, Jennifer Good is a model. Some rather interesting stuff that has surfaced on other message boards:


This is some kind of strange press release from the wedding. It includes the flavour of the wedding cake, it case you desperately needed to know.


This is Jennifer's blog. Don't ask me why is .co.uk. I don't know.

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Oh God I didn't even think of that, Crusader. Damn I'm dumb sometimes. I know, I thought the press release was really weird, considering Matt is usually a very private person. Oh well. And thank you for the welcome. ;)


Ack, I hate her blog. She's so ditzy.

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Legally Blonde is about a girly girl who makes it as a lawyer. The message is that a girl who loves girly things can make it in a world of grey and black suits, and that you don't have to give up who you are in order to be a success. I never said she was a ditz b/c she's blonde... just to clarify.

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