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God this is why I hate radio, I've listened to the radio 3 times today.

For liek 10min when I woke up

15min as I drove to work (I quickly switched to my MD)

And now for like 2 min


I've heard the crappy song Boy: Up In THis Town






Okay I'm going to sleep now no more ranting


*edit* Okay they just redemed themselves. lol Playing MG right after lol "Everything it automatic, everybody's allright"

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I haven't listened to the radio in years. With one exception, I had an assignment for economics that required it. I listed to that Private Radio International station, and it was just burly man-voiced liberal women bitching about things of limited consequence.

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I had high hopes for the jazz station here, Cool FM. But now that Izzy Asper, an avid jazz fan, is dead, the content is getting more to pop. In a few years the new management there is probably going to change it to a hip-hop format ;) . Then I'll have to get my jazz fix from the French and college stations at certain times of the day (usually when I don't have a radio handy is when it gets played).

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the edge fucking sucks.


yeah, most radio is crud. i can't find that jazz station around toronto any more. meh. i listen to cds, mostly.

Most of the music they play isn't that good... hardly "real" jazz. My dad listens to it sometimes, gives me headaches. Particularly when they play vocal jazz.

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I used to think that all radio was ass, but I found a station based out of Victoria, 91.3 The Zone. It's a "modern rock" station that plays a surprising amount of some "indie" rock.

First time in years I have been voluntarily listening to the radio.

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i've found that because i don't listen to the radio in the car, i don't get caught up with current events

having the news during radio is pretty nice


although nothing will beat matt good playing in the background ;)


so far, CFOX is the only station that still Matt

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