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He had quite the fascination with Pandas for a while. Remember the record-exec-panda-mascot deal? And In loseranthems? And in the vid for FIX-R, isn't there a panda?

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lol, just downed it, quite funny... for those of us not technologically inclined, how could I set it up to be my voice message... would there be a way other than playing it off my comp and letting it record to the message, cause boy would you lose quality that way... anyway...


panda message = good times

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I use it as my voicemail greeting.

Does it sound awful with plenty of distortion? Because mine does, and being the technologically ignorant being that I am, have no idea how to make it sound clearer. I also refuse to change it as a matter of principle.

Keep a decent distance from your phone with the speakers.

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