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Enterprise - Latest Episode

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this was a good show. i havent watched it much recently, but i really enjoyed the 2nd season with the Xindi thing. im sad that its going to end, but maybe in 5 years or so theyll start up another series that will be fresh and kickass just like TNG.


DS9 was my favorite series.

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A lot of critics panned enterprises for the whole xindi(sp?) thing. For some reason people dont like continuing story lines, however I think shows are best when tehy do that.


JMS told fans that many networks wouldn't touch B5 cause of the 4 season long story arc, but hey look at the result the BEST sci-fi series of all time

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Someone better have had a beard in this one.

Have truer words ever been spoken? Possibly.


This is actually the first episode I watched since the 2 part opener this season, I kinda lost interest.

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Enterprise has gotten better as time has progressed in my opinion. I am very disappointed to see it canceled, as it is such an enjoyable show.


As for last week's ep, I guess I am the only one here, but I didn't really think it was that good. The hardly-clothed women seemed, to me, to be some attempt to 'go out with a bang' in terms of viewers (sci fi + hot women without much clothes = many male viewers). I could be wrong I suppose, but I doubt it considering the timing of the ep. The story was less than exciting as well. For me, it is difficult to get into a story about characters we have never seen before, with hardly any introduction, and just for a couple episodes.


Hopefully part 2 is more worthwhile (and somehow will connect back to the universe we actually care about).

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