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What Kind Of Guitar Do You Have?

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I HAD a 50's reissue strat and an 01-02 SG Faded....


Both of been lent to a friend that I haven't talked to in 3 months.



So I went out and bought an Ibanez Artcore AF85. Probably the best sounding of the 3. Might get a Tele later in the year, but I need a better amp first.



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Schecter ... wow, I've forgotten what model I've got. I'm pretty sure it's a C-1.


And yes, I do play it regularly.


EDIT: Yes, a C-1. It's also been discontinued. She's my baby.

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Samick Gibson SG replica (69 version I think)

Some unknown Yamaha from the 80's

And lest we forget my future guitar, being passed down from my grandfather; an original 1956 Gibson Les Paul acoustic gold. Unfortunately it needs to be re-finished, though all the parts are in good condition and all accounted for.

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(Guitars) custom jp signature ernie ball music man, fender american jazz strat, fender acoustic DX 100, (Basses) elrick 300M 5-string, fender american jazz 5-string

keyboard - Kurzwiel K2600

mandolin - Takamine MX

Guitar amps - MesaBoogie Dual rectifier

Bass amps - GallienKruegger 1000RB head/ Hartke 4x16 dual cab


and now for the story of my life

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