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Check your gmail..







... in the ashes of the fire?

Could you send me a copy, at [email protected] ?


I'd be happy to pay you back with some NF monies.

Sent, hopefully the file isn't too big for hotmail.


wait, wait, wait... you mean matthew sweet

more like dave matthews, am i rite?

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There's a bunch of versions with different 'filler'. Some are recordings of other people, events, etc...


My favorite is one where Matt does his own commentary in between the choruses. It's pretty sweet.


I found a bunch of different versions on kazza & bearshare, so it shouldn't be too hard.


Just keep in mind a lot of the live recordings the sound really sucks.



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you know what would be really great? if you posted the versions you have. i would LOVE a version, any version really. it might be one of my favorite concert experiences, seeing that song live.






(please please please please please)

(or email it to me at [email protected])

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