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i've been using sonar 3 for recording... i don't know how it stacks up against garageband but from what i can tell its great. its got a lot of cool features most recording programs don't have.


is garageband only for mac?

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I have no input on GarageBand, but i use Cool Edit Pro 2.0 for recording purposes.

After briefly looking at GarageBand on the internet, i really like the notation display thing it has.

i use cool edit pro as well. if i had a mac i'd probably use garageband however

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hmmm... i've been thinking about getting a new computer for the sole purpose of recording music... i was wondering if mac would be a better bet than pc. or does it even matter?

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GB can be really useful for quick, easy recordings. I've recorded some projects for my classes in it and it works well if you really want it to.

Naturally it's not the best program for recording and it's ideal to have and Mbox wit ProTools but using GB doesn't mean it has to sound bad. I would suggest using natural reverbs when recording voice rather then the GB effects. (try recording in a bathroom)


A project I did in GB for my arranging class>


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