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What Kind Of Guitar Do You Wish You Had?

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if i played guitar i'd like a gibson les paul classic or studio, or even the rumoured GIBSON LES ZEPPELIN designed by jimmy page. i think it costs a few tens of thousands of $


but since i play bass, i'd have to say i'd like this sweet custom fender precision that i saw at Ed's Music near where i live

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i love my bass. i can ask for nothing better, but i would love to have a 5 or 6 string bass, and i'd love to get a few older basses, and i want a shitty one. one that i can fuck around with. i'm very rough with guitars, alwasy hitting walls, furniture, and people, so i want an invincible guitar!!

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i really like the Godin LG-HMB i played. Godin's a Canadian company out of Montreal.




yeah, it's quite something. just click on electric guitars and follow the links. it's not all that expensive for the ridiculous amount of quality.


and yeah, a lot of people think i'm crazy for it, but i like a tele over a strat. and i love the way a les paul sounds when it's heavily distorted. nothing quite like a down and dirty les paul.

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Saturnine: it belongs to the guy from Cheap Trick

Ecnarf: Yeah, it does kinda have a chunky neck, but ive gotten used to it. Can't beat it for value though, for a 335 copy.

So, do you stick mainly with chord/strumming, or do you do any soloing?


I do a lot of improvisational soloing on guitar, and I found the neck just a bit too thick to do that comfortably. On the real 335, though, it was heaven, and it just sounds beautiful.


I'd just need to mortage my house to pay for it, though.

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I actually do a ton of soloing, although i use another guitar of mine (Godin LG) when i'm playing really fast, fusion-y stuff - its got a beautiful neck for that.

The Epiphone i do use mostly for rhythm, although it gets its share of blues and jazz soloing.

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