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All my pictures are in my yearbook. I'll have to scan some in...


Lets just say I haven't taken pictures in awhile. Plus I was mad one day and I threw away every single issue of my school newspaper that had all my pictures in it.


I'll start scanning soon.

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i also kick ass at making delicious vegetarian/vegan meals.

Got any cool recipes or anything? I'm interested, and want to get back into cooking.



And Nick, those are sweet pictures man!


Thinking of what I'm talented at compared to others at I got these...

-Hacky Sack

-Writing, when I get going

-People tell me I can sing... BUT I'M AFRAID OF PEOPLE.

-Trumpet, though I haven't played in a long time

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Wooo ;) we'll go on a photo date!

dude, we totally should. seeing as we live in the same city and such...


my shit can be found...





cole: i have an awesome recipe for chop suey.

ok lets do it, i need a photography partner now that everyone is in stupid school.

msn me.


thanks for compliments guys! :angry: :angry: :angry:

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Have you guys ever played scat? It's where you do a standard hack circle, but after 3 people have touched it, you can grab it out of the air and throw it at someone. Bonus ppoints for the face and/or balls.


that games messed...we did that then we played one that was more hardcore cause throwing it wasnt hardcore enough...if you missed the hack in the circle everyone chased you down and got free beats on you till you touched the tree....damn you had to be soooo friggin fast.

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