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Hi all,


I went to see Interpol live yesterday in Madrid and it was just fantastic... gosh, what a GREAT concert they gave us, an hour and a half of great music, they sounded even better than on studio and the audience was so good too (everybody singing their songs, no insults, no throwing things to the stage... a very good behavior), the lights show was perfect...


I would go again to see them today, and tomorrow, and in two days... ;)


Honestly, it's been one of the greatest concerts I've been too lately



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they combined pretty well the strongest songs from both albums and like a "mini" section of the weakest ones but very well played and very well combined with the others...


most of the most known songs were played in different versions (shocking and great) from the ones on the two CDs, and they also played some B-sides and other songs I didn't know and that apparently are new songs for an eventual album


honestly, and I repeat again, one of the best concerts ever! ;)

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