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So none of you have heard of VNV Nation?


They've only realeased 8 or more albums and EPs since the mid 90s, as well as numerous singles.


They're Techno Rock, which is apparently supposed to be called "electro" but unlike others of similar genre, they don't suck.


Anyone who doesn't like the song "Epicentre" has something wrong with them.


Anyway, they're out of Toronto, and the main guy was originally from England, so it's got a bit of a Europeany feel.


There's only 2 members of the group, one that drums, and one that does everything else.


I can't believe that none of you have heard of them.


Also, VNV stands for Victory Not Vengence



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And I wonder what making a big deal out of nothing makes you look like.


Either way, it's beside the point really.


You should all just check out the song, even if you hate me, as it seems I'm getting quite a following like that.

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"Standing" from Empires is great and "Beloved" from Futureperfect just rocks... and from the last one, Matter and form, I like "Entropy" and "Homeward" a lot


thanx for sharing this group with the rest! it's been a very very nice discovery for me ;)

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