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Oh My Stars

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Silent please don't hold the Silent Narcotic (I'll assume that they are actually yours) remixes up as a shining example.


I agree the track is different... but I think it is creatively done.



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I never said they were.


If your on the hub you notice I don't share those because they are dated and shitty thus made before I went to college and recieved the proper training.


Anything that I want people to hear is shared in my folder but I obviously cannot delete what other people have.


Pretty much any remix done in 2004 and on I will stick by as good work. Which is why most of the mixes should have a year date put after them.


You want to hear a good MG mash up, check my folder for the Matthew GOOD (not band) mega mix, should have a 2004 in the title.


The coolest part is Pledge with Weapon and Poor Man's Grey.

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Okay, fingers crossed, Windows Media sample of the original "Standing in the Shadows of Love": link


If not, check Amazon: link


Or iTunes.


I believe the MG mashup started out here. There were a bunch of Motown mashups that cropped up around the same time. I think the best one I heard was a Clash / Stevie Wonder one called "Casbah Wonder".

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