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watched an old tape today....so good!...the jerky puppets, the cheap tacky models...sigh i miss that show


by the way anyone remember what FAB stands for....i only remeber Fast As B...

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no clue on FAB...


Have you ever seen Stingray, or even Fireball XL5?


Thunderbirds is cool... but I haven't seen it in forever... I don't get the only channel it is broadcast on ;)



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lol...im such a nerd i own four thunderbird tapes, lost one though...and i have the toys from when i was a kid...grand stuff...


and i recall seeing two other puppet shows...one had a submarine...and i think one had an indestructable man


does anyone know anything about the thunderbird movie?

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lol i know, "fast as B------" cant remember the last bit



oh and i saw the full trailer for the thunderbirds movie, and while it is a kid movie, it might actually be decent (thunderbirds afterall was a kids tv show). besides they cept the count down and the tradiional looks for the ships....ill see it no matter how bad it sucks

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Q: What does FAB stand for?


Gerry: I put it into the first show of Thunderbirds as I couldn't bear the pilot to say 'Roger, received the message and understood.' In the 1960s the buzzword was fabulous. Everything was fabulous, so instead of 'Roger' I thought they could say 'fab'. Then I heard controller in Thunderbirds say 'reduce height to 1000 feet, fab' and it didn't sound right so I changed it to 'F.A.B.' and that's all there was to it. It doesn't mean anything. But for the last 35 years people keep saying what does it mean so asked the makers of Colllins dictionaries to put it in the dictionary.


how sad =(

I blame YTV.

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that makes me sad as well...all those years of wondering what it was...and when i was young and make believing i was an International rescue person and saying that, and it meant nothing!!!booo


the child in me died some more


and the prize is yours!!!

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