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April 5 I believe.


The episode leaked however, and you can find it on various P2P programs and Torrents. It's not bad, the story is kinda cartoonish but the characters are interesting and this new doctor does the series justice. It has potential. Can't wait to see the 2005 Daleks

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Lol when I was young and my father would watch Dr Who, the Dalek used to scare the shit outta me.


lol not quite as bad now ;)


But can someone explain in more detail what happened w/ the Daleks?


I hope they bring them back for more :angry:



I wonder who'd wing Dalek or Replicators?

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Replicators would rip them to shreds. The Daleks were apparently wiped out, watch episode 6 of Doctor Who!

I dunno the dalek armor seems pretty badass.


I just finished episode 6. I was just wondering if a previous season actaully covered then end of the war. Or if it was interseason.

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The new series is a bit too cheese-ballish (Aliens playing Britney Spears 5 BILLION (that's right, billions) of years in the future had me groaning). Thankfully, the show after when they went to visit Charles Dickens was a bit better. I'm really looking forward to see what they do with the Daleks as I just watched "Remembrance of the Daleks" with the seventh Doctor.

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Well you have to remember Billy Piper (Rose) was a late 90's pop star herself (aka ;) Do you have a Boyfriend? blah blah blah :angry: ) hense the Britney thing probably. That and the British humour (which rocks), and also that its a whole new show with new stories. It's not a continuation of the original.


It's based on the original though. They wanted to modernize the show a bit I guess and make it more appealing to this day and age. I rather agree with the aproach. I like it.


ANd the new take on the theme music is just awesome. Kinda like that techno version that was made in the 90's.

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well like said the Dalek scaring the bejesus outta me as a kid was really my only memory of the previous seasons so.



And the Doctor with the scarf, that telephone booth thing, and the inside of the ship. Thats all i remember. Oh, and the theme song.


I watched the pilot episode. It kinda sucked. I watched another episode recently and it was cooler. It had these green aliens which weren't CGI (die CGI, die!). I just wish there were more aliens and other planets instead of them just hanging out on earth (boring!).


The guy who plays the Doctor is pretty good. Rose is kinda annoying, and her mom looks like Baby Spice from the Spice Girls if she were 50 years old. But the next episode they have the Daleks, so i will definately watch! EXTERMINATE!

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