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i figured people might want to post about bands they know from their home towns...


there are so many awesome musicians down here where i live. with any luck most of them will hit it big.... but probably not


my favourites are:

the derelicts


dave simard (and a beautiful misery)

*jimmy bowskill


*i dont really like the kid, but you gotta respect the amount of talent for a 9th grader

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Inward Eye - (website)


I knew the lead singer from high school and his band has made it pretty big and are signed to Rob Lanni's management. They have toured with Billy Tallent and are supposed to release a major studio album in late summer/fall in 2005.


"Inward Eye are one of the most exciting live rock bands I've seen in years. They play like they are seasoned pros yet have the attitude and energy of teenagers."
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there's no music to listen to on their site...

Yeah, that's odd. I might have a couple of mp3 files around somewhere. In the meantime check out http://www.netvidtv.com/powertv.htm which is a page used by Power 97 (winnipeg rock station) to host videos of certain radio-sponsored concerts. Anywhoo check out that "POWER 8 Ball - Inward Eye " video there to get a taste of their music.

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some indie groups from Spain:


http://www.lasonrisadejulia.com/ = "La sonrisa de Julia", kinda Coldplay but in Spanish


http://www.sexy-sadie.com/ = "Sexy Sadie", indie rock from Madrid, singing in English (their webpage is in both English and Spanish)


http://www.dovercametome.com/ = "Dover", indie rock, also from Madrid (most of the members) and they also sing in English


http://www.humanoidweb.com/ = "Humanoid", electronic techno music, from the north of Spain

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my boyfriend's band, the septics -> http://www.theseptics.cjb.net


the sound quality is a little crap, and if you don't like punk you probably won't like it... but their singer is fucking intense, and they put on an amazing show.


it's just too bad that the style of the music doesn't show off the range of wil's talents.

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