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Hi all,


for those who are fans of The Cure, they have just published "deluxe editions" of three of their first albums: Faith, Seventeen seconds, Three imaginary boys and Pornography, all of them double CDs with a better sound and a compilation of rare tracks, studio demos and live versions of the songs from the 4 albums.


A jewel to get if you really like The Cure ;)




P.S.: if you want, you can read about this on their official webpage: http://www.thecure.com/discography/?page=all

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yeah, it happens the same to me ;) I LOVE The Cure


This Deluxe Version of the Pornography - the one I have already gotten - contains such good demo and live versions... you are gonna like it for sure! :angry:

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;) :angry: the cure :angry: :angry:


i wish we had a heart emoticon.


But anyway, I would love to buy these, but they are rather expensive. Are they really worth it, if you have the originals?


And Crusader, i second that motion. The Cure was really good, but we need more.

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Yes, I have only bought the "Pornography" one and I can tell you that it is worthy (at least it was for me). It contains tracks I had never heard of them before and I've got everything (well, let's say "almost" everything) from The Cure and they were totally new to me ;)


It is also in the Internet if you can't pay for that (and yes, you are right, these deluxe version CDs are very expensive)... I could've gotten it from the Internet but I just bought it on an impulse :angry:

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Meh, i'll probably buy it. i'm not a fan of downloading. I do it all the time, but if i actually like whatever i DLed, i go out and buy it.

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