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Does Anyone Know If Arizona's Is All Ages?

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want a blunt answer? no. i haven't really been to anything i'd call a concert, and i know that...


edit: it mostly has to do with the 19+ or whatever having to do with selling drinks or really explicit content.


or i could just be horribly mistaken.

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They have a bar in there, but the entire thing isn't a pub or bar(or at least I don't think), isn't a good majority of it a normal restaurant?


Edit: Wait, Crusader, was that a response you got from MG(as in its definite), or what?

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Just to let you guys know, when Matt played there two years ago it was originally 19+, but two days before the concert they announced it would be all ages because they had barely sold half the tickets. They did however put wrist bands on anyone who wanted to buy alcohol.


The best thing to do would be to call Arizona's.

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If you have not heard a definite answer yet Arizonas is not all ages, it is 19+, unless it has changed very recently. It is generally an ID to get into club all the time at least any night I have gone.

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Dammit, Matt is coming to a place thats 10 minutes away, and it is probably not all ages! BTW, I've never been to a concert before( Iknow, I know, I'm behind), bu do places that are not all ages let you in if you are underage but with an adult?

generally the shows at Arizona's are all ages. they just do the wrist band thing. I've been to two MG shows there and both were all ages (as far as I remember anyway)

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