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Anne Coulter On Lenno

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Backwards is relative, of course. Not to say that I think Anne Coulter is brilliant, she just seems to always be talking the loudest. It was actually a good point she made on Leno about the Democrats not making enough noise. That might just be the character trait that separates Democrats from Republicans, but I'm not so sure that's the case.




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I'm not certain anything but backwards can describe someone who honestly believes that the cold war was better than the war on terrorism because in the cold war, America's chief enemy (The Russians) were "white and sane."

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I'm not certain anything but backwards can describe someone who honestly believes that the cold war was better than the war on terrorism because in the cold war, America's chief enemy (The Russians) were "white and sane."

Why was the Cold War better than the War on Terror? With the War on Terror, not only are we allowed to blindly hate people who we are told to hate, but they're also brown, exposing our underlying racism!


for example, from the www.whitehouse.org reader mail...


SUBJECT = area of concern

NAME = shirley young

MESSAGE = i have an area of concern with all of the terriorsit activity in the u.s. I know a man who is my landlord/slumlord who says he is from Egypt and my feelings are not very good about him.His target is real estate. He has purchades tons of property all over Broward County in FL. He continues to purchase property,Recently an article was in the newspaper about him and how many units he bought at a single time. That's not including the many he own already. My thing is that he has no job.Who is funding the money for this?Certainly not him.What's the purpose for the real estate pirchases? I'm beginning to be afraid of him because he is not rtght. He targets section 8 people that the Government assist, He threaten to get people kicked off of section 8 housing if they don't comply with His rules. He said all rules have changed. I asked him one day..what make yo think you can come into this Country and change things.His response..I know what I am doing.His only intrest is money.During the hurricane (FRANCES), MY roof got a bad leak in it and destroyed a lot of my property. I called to inform him of this and he picked up the rent money and walked out of the door. I live on the second of 3 floors and is afraid the 3rd floor will cave in on me! I'm disabled and is very sickly due to a brain tumor and can'i iake it. Sec. 8 has done nothing. These arab/egyptians own every convenience store,laundry mat, gas station and now i noticed some privately owned postal services' only because of America-the free country. These people have taken over this country..right under our noses and don't even realize it! back to my slumlord..His name is [EXCISED]..I think he need to be watched carefully.I don't trust him or his motive to buy so much property and then treat us like animals.If he is innocent I will be ok with him but there's no way that a single person can afford to but uo so much property without a job..someone has to be funding this..is it for terrorist purposes? We don't know. If I suspected something and said nothing I willbe at fault in my heart because i was silent. President Bush has a strong hold over the terrorist situation and if the community see anythins thjat may be suspicious we need to inform him.I may be wrong but this message is for the purpose of raising awareness and is an area of concern for quite a few people i n my area of Lauderhill,Fl. Something is not right with this man.If you would like more info of my suspicions my name is Shirley Young [ADDRESS EXCISED] [PHONE EXCISED] again, I can be wrong but please let's check him out in case.


You really have to wonder how these guys out-think their front doors in the morning.

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Anne Coulter speaks in sound bites and everytime she says the word Liberal, i swear, you can see tiny flames come out of her mouth.


I saw her when she was on Craig Furgeson, and she can't not talk about politics and how conservatives are sooo much smarter than liberals.


Furgeson asked her what music she listens to, which she replied, "oh, you think because I am a conservative, I don't listen to music?"


He finally got her to admit to liking the Grateful Dead.


He asked her if Marijuana should be legal...she said it doesn't matter, because if you want it in america, you can get it.


Which leads me to believe that she partakes in that wonderful drug.

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