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The Russians Are Coming!

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Fear us....






I think it's hilarious.


The STAGE is set for this SCENARIO to be played out. Is America’s military intelligence smart enough to see through this charade? I hope so! I KNOW there are a lot of American military commanders who won’t go along with the NEW WORLD ORDER that the Communists and Zionists / Internationalists in America’s government are trying to foist upon us.




I wrote to Kim Weber, a Chemtrail researcher, the following – “I saw your latest… report. You mentioned Boeing aircraft being used. A bunch has been sold to Russia within the last few years. That means if the Russian military isn't using those particular aircraft, it may be over here flying some of our specially equipped aircraft, now that a sufficient number of Russian pilots have been checked out in them. [America and Russia secretly work together on the New World Order.] Remember that approximately 2 decades ago there was an Air Traffic Controllers strike here in America. The strikers were all eventually fired. Who was hired in their place? With agents in place Russian planes could easily fly our skies, and no one would report it.” In all the Chemtrail websites I have visited, no one mentions the possibility that our enemies (i.e., the Russians) might be spraying us. Can disinformation, targeting even officials in our government and military, cloak who is really doing the spraying?




Even government officials could be lead to believe this, being as there are so many subversive Jews and Communist fellow travelers in our government and military infrastructure.




Under the delusion that the “former” USSR is no longer a threat, America has disarmed! We are NOW wide open for INVASION! Do you see what must be done?


edited to include some amusing quotes

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the best part when i skimmed it was the biblical bullshit at the end.


it's funny when people so blatantly have their head up their ass.


edit: oh, god. i clicked the link about 'the beast' from revelation for a laugh, and i thought anti-semitism was dead, more or less...


that's so saddening.


another edit: that's some messed up diatribe...

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