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I heard it was a 3 hour set.


edit: It was a 26 song set, that's fucking crazy. Also Audioslave brought out a RATM classic "Killing in the Name" was a nice touch. I hope they tour Canada.

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i'd love to hear cornell do rage only that i'd be terrified to hear how badly it might sound

i've heard that he actually does a really excellent job, he just sings the lyrics more than doing whatever you want to call what zach did...


i'm not sure if that makes sense

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The U.S treasury ok'd it because it was some sort of "musical" experience...where audioslave visited schools..interacted with children etc..and they weren't allowed to make any political driven statements on stage

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Audioslave played Winnipeg last night, to which I attended. The show was great, Audioslave has a big following in Canada.


Here was the set list:


Your time has come

Set it off

bulls on parade(rage instrumental)

sleep now in the fire(rage)

i am the highway(1/2 acoustic,1/2 full band)

like a stone


black hole sun(soundgarden acoustic)

killing in the name(rage)

out of exile

doesnt remind me


the worm

show me how to live

blow up the outside world(soundgarden acoustic)about 1/2 the song

the curse(acoustic) about 1/2 the song

be yourself

one and the same (new song)


Seether opened up the show and played "Drain You" from Nirvana. It was a grat cover.

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