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I always thought that it was inspired by the movie Anchorman. On the post before he started to use the dear San Diego stuff (i dont think its there anymore) he said that he didnt have the time or whatever to rebut for a comment on the post before that one, and ended it with "Go fuck yourself San Deigo!" Thats a direct line from anchorman.


So i thought it was just a play on that movie


wow i hope that post made sence

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True. But it's not like this is some totally left-field thing.


CS Lewis wrote a book called "Letters to Malcolm" that was written entirely in the form of letters to an imaginary person named Malcolm. (Haven't read it, found a reference on Google.) There have been a lot of books like that.


Also, what he's doing now isn't unlike what goes on with Merle's blog.



Little do we know, Matt's secretly messaging his friend Carmen.


/cue Rockafella

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I wish people would stop talking about this.

Thank you. It's only on every MG-related board in the universe now.

So what? Let people ask, it's not hurting you in any way.



There's no need to be Dicks about it.

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I was thinking that it was kinda like the manifestos or maybe stuff from a book he's working on...?


(note: I have no reference on the latter comment, but I seem to remember him saying a bit ago that he was working on a new book...but don't quote me)

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This is from the 'About MBlog' section:


"Dear San Diego: A man leaves his life, and a dying marriage, in San Diego and returns to British Columbia where he takes up residence on the couch of a college friend. Determined to embrace the simplicities and innocence of his past, he writes anonymous letters to the city and woman that once held him captive in hopes of exorcising the demons that have consumed him."

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