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Enterprise Is Over

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I enjoyed it because at least it lets you know how the story ends. I'm a bit surprised that another Star Trek series has not been announced, but from what startrek.com says, apparently the series/franchise is on hiatus, so... who knows what will happen?...

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Fuck that.


I would like to see a movie with the main character being Worf and something to do with the klingon empire almost being destroyed or something.


Other than that this prequel shit doesn't do anything for me, the only reason I liked the last episode was cuz of Riker in it and the nice new CGI shots of the Enterprise - D.


Next Gen rules what can I say.

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A DS9/TNG cross-over movie would win. I have spoken. Spoken truth.


By the way in Nemesis did anyone catch the Enterprise reference? While the Enterprise-E was fighting the cloaked Romulan ship one of the Starfleet vessels on route to aid was called the U.S.S. Jonathon Archer.

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the episode before the Riker "finale" was supposed to be the actual Season Finale for Enterprise


the riker episode was just a cheap and fast way to tell you how the federation was going to be formed.

just when enterprise was getting good, they cut it off. i was looking forward to the romulan war

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